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Project based learning methodology: An effective way of learning software engineering through database design and web technology project
Published in Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology
Volume: 34
Issue: Special Issue
Pages: 375 - 379
Nowadays, Project-based learning is an integral part of many professional courses in Engineering. Projectbased learning is a student-centric approach in which students learn about a course by working in groups to solve an open-ended real world problem. In our opinion, it takes students near to the real world at a very early stage. For students, it acts as a tool to learn concepts and principles, to adapt to the evolving ICT industrial requirements and challenges. The objective here is to convey our systematic teaching and learning method, based on Project- based learning, to effectively learn the principles and practices of Software Engineering. Also, it prepares students how to apply these theoretical concepts to solve the real world problems by working in a team. For more than 10 years we are conducting this activity very rigorously for Third Year Computer Engineering students. This activity incorporates applying theory of Software Engineering to develop experiential learning by developing a mini-project using Database and Web Technology. Our 7- point method for development of mini-project has continuous Assessment through critical reviews and presentations by students. We conducted survey for all batches and took their feedback to understand the role of Project Based Learning in their Professional Career. Feedback of these students helps us to update our methodology and/or course contents. Applying Database technology and getting acquainted with development of user interface is bit easy for students but applying the Software Development Life Cycle [3] learnt in Software Engineering is quite challenging. There are many skills they learn and acquire while developing mini-project like questions to be asked during field work, design strategy and analysis through modelling, teamwork[4], time management, communication skills and many more which takes them a step closer and works as a basic building block for their growth as a software professional. Our survey questionnaire gives insight of all and acts as a measuring tool. This paper addresses our 7-point method, design, our process of evaluation and challenges faced by the students and faculty during this process with the help of representative projects. © 2021, Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology. All rights reserved.
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JournalJournal of Engineering Education Transformations
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