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Proposed Algorithm for Smart Traffic Control using Ultrasonic Sensors
Published in Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering& Sciences Publication
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 5.0
Pages: 3912.0 - 3915.0
In India, the concept of smart city has evolved since lastfew years. Smart city includes smart electricity distributions,smart parking, smart lighting on streets, smart water distribution,smart drainage system, smart pipe gas system, smart trafficcontrol system etc. All smart systems listed need smart use oftechnical solution so that all systems will play critical role inmaking city as smart. As far as smart traffic control is concerned,there were few solutions suggested and implanted such as sensorwith CCTV, camera with IR sensor and tags etc. The technicalsolution may include software, hardware, communicationmodels, networking, usage of data and of-course data analytics.As large amount of data may be generated by theobjects/components involved in the system, it must be analyzedproperly. The data may be in structured or un-structured format.In this paper, smart traffic control system with efficient algorithmhas been proposed with data analytics to control traffic, whichcontrols the timing of the signal dynamically. At a junction, thereis need to control the traffic and signal timing such that air andnoise pollution also will be monitored and controlled. In thismodel, IoT system has been proposed with ultrasonic sensors tocontrol the traffic. The signal timing will be dynamicallymonitored and adjusted with traffic density within a region. Thiswill give solution to control, monitor the traffic at every signal ina city
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PublisherBlue Eyes Intelligence Engineering& Sciences Publication
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