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Real estate price prediction using Machine learning

Published in PENSEE International journal

Machine learning, a fragment of AI, is popularizing in every industrial domain and
making a promising place for itself. It is flourishing for all the companies that are implementing
ML. It very well possesses the ability to change the future of industries by offering better ways of
working, instead of the existing traditional methods. The real estate sector has witnessed a quite
similar situation in terms of the effect it has had on the sales of the real estate properties. ML
has made business quite easy by predicting the sales prices of real estate properties on the basis
of previous purchases and customer buying patterns. This project is about forecasting the house
property prices in Bangalore city. It is accomplished by studying the various features of a
particular house that fits appropriately into customer’s requirements, followed by deploying the
linear regression ML model on the dataset. The study has shown that a linear regression model
is a competent ML algorithm which is simple and at the same time gives accurate results. This
project enlightens the fact that ML is a very good alternative for streamlining the business
engagement in the real estate sector.

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