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Real Time Self Health Monitoring System
Published in Ess & Ess Research Publications
Volume: 36.0
Issue: 1.0
Pages: 5380.0 - 5387.0
Heart related disease is rising among today’s population. The need for an accurate, yet affordable heart monitor is essential to ensure one’s health quality. However, in today’s market, most heart monitors are expensive and are not user friendly. Our goal is to design and build an affordable heart monitor that is user friendly. In order to make our goal possible, we will utilize optical technology to construct an accurate and inexpensive means for one to monitor his heart rate and stay in touch with his physical condition. Health information science which deals with the acquisition, transmission, processing, retrieval, and utilization of health information has been evolving as an active field of interdisciplinary research area. In particular, acquisition of health-related information by wearable technologies is considered as a cornerstone in health information science. With rapid aging and economic growth, people became more interested in their long-term health, fitness and wellness. In India, everyday many lives of human are affected by heart attacks. Analysis of health parameters of patients after post hospitalization is very difficult. It is necessary to have a record of the patient’s health after he is discharged from the hospital. In this paper, we implement a miniature real time self healthcare monitoring system which can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and temperature. The obtained bio-signal from the each sensory unit is transmitted using a Bluetooth wireless communication in real time at home to the personal computer as well as on the smart phone.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering
PublisherEss & Ess Research Publications
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