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Real Time water Quality Monitoring System
Mithila Barabde,
Published in IJIRCCE
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 5064.0 - 5069.0
Water pollution is one of the biggest fears for the green globalization. To prevent the water pollution,first we have to estimate the water parameters like pH, turbidity, conductivity etc, as the variations in the values ofthese parameters point towards the presence of pollutants. At present, water parameters are detected by chemical testor laboratory test, where the testing equipments are stationary and samples are provided to testing equipments. Thus thecurrent water quality monitoring system is a manual system with tedious process and is very time consuming. In orderto increase the frequency, the testing equipments can be placed in the river water and detection of pollution can bemade remotely. This paper proposes a Sensor-Based Water Quality Monitoring System. The system architectureconsists of data monitoring nodes, a base station and a remote station. All these stations are connected using wirelesscommunication link. The data from nodes is send to the base station consisting of ARM controller designed for specialcompact space application. Data collected by the base station such as pH, turbidity, conductivity, etc is sent to theremote monitoring station. Data collected at the remote site can be displayed in visual format on a server PC with thehelp of MATLAB and is also compared with standard values. If the obtained value is above the threshold valueautomated warning SMS alert will be sent to the agent. The uniqueness of our proposed paper is to obtain the watermonitoring system with high frequency, high mobility, and low powered.
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JournalInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering
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