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Recent industrial scenario of rotary friction welding technology and its' application
Rajsing Pardeshi, Pramod Patil, Saurabh Surashe, Pravin Shinde,
Published in IJREAM Publishing House
Volume: 5.0
Issue: AMET 2019
Friction welding which was first applied to cutting tools in metal processing industry has found severalapplications. Friction welding obtained by frictional heat & it’s a commercial process, friction welding has foundseveral applications in different manufacturing processes with the advancement in technology. The first studies offriction welding in England were carried out by the Welding Institute in 1961.By modifying the friction welding; theCaterpillar Tractor Co. in the USA developed the method of inertia welding in 1962. Many researchers are stillworking on the thermal analysis and basic parameter, tool development of various types of friction welding processes.With these advances, it has found several applications in Engineering, Naval & offshore industry. Friction welding isused welding process in industries like automobile industries, aeronautical industries etc. and heavy duty industries. Inthis literature review paper the various processes and applications of friction welding has discussed theoretically
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JournalIJREAM - 2019
PublisherIJREAM Publishing House
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