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Recommendation System for Enhancing eLearning using Deep Learning
, Rashmi Phatak, Bela Bhate, Rutuja Deshpande, Sunil Rai
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Pages: 1 - 4
eLearning is the use of technology in providing education via various online resources. It has the potential to change the whole education system. Recommendation Systems are schemes that aim to provide the user with the most appropriate and precise products by filtering helpful data from a wide information base. A recommender system in the eLearning environment is a software agent that tries to intelligently recommend actions to a learner by various methods. This paper is a compilation of various techniques that are used by recommender systems in eLearning platforms. Also it focuses on deep learning techniques to enhance eLearning Recommendation system.
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Journal2019 IEEE Pune Section International Conference, PuneCon 2019