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Recovery Using Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger with Hybrid Nanofluid
Published in Mythos Technology
Volume: 1.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 474.0 - 478.0
Research has been carried out on the theory, design & construction of waste heatrecovery using heat pipe heat exchanger with hybrid nanofluid, especially their use inwaste heat recovery for energy recovery, reduction of air pollution & environmentalconservation. In this research, the characteristic design & heat transfer limitation ofsingle heat pipe without wick & working with hybrid nanofluids have been investigated.There has been increasing interest in nanofluid & its use in heat transfer enhancement. Asignificant amount of waste heat exhausted through the exhaust ducts of commercials &industrials exhausts, capturing the energy in that waste heat represents rich potentialsfor energy savings. The heat pipe heat exchanger heat recovery system is cost effective toinstall and operate could potentially recover wasted heat economically and be aneffective addition to utility CIPs. The limiting factor against increasing the heat transferperformance of heat pipe depends on the properties of the working fluid. Theenhancement of liquid thermal conductivity is achieved by adding highly conductive solidnanoparticles within the base fluid. The special characteristics of the nanofluidsubstantially increase the heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity and liquidviscosity. Two types of nanoparticles added in base fluid are aluminum oxide and copperoxide.
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JournalInternational Engineering Research Journal (IERJ)
PublisherMythos Technology
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