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Reliable on-board and remote vehicular network management for hybrid automobiles
G Mohinisudhan, Sahana Bhosale K,
Published in IEEE
Pages: 1 - 4
The integration of on-board vehicular networks is accelerating today's automobile industry towards the development of next generation hybrid automobiles. This seamless integration of technologies paves the way for the future intelligent transportation system. The existing in-vehicle network techniques provide the features of monitoring various parameters, which are primarily used for evaluating the vehicle's health condition on a real-time basis and to establish suitable control over it as per the observations done. In this paper, a framework for incorporating simple network management protocol (SNMP) based reliable real-time control and performance monitoring system for a hybrid automobile is proposed. Our proposal is based on the usage of SNMP, Control Area Network, and access to the territorial GSM/CDMA networks by using mobile IP. ©2006 IEEE.
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Journal2006 IEEE Conference on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, ICEHV
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