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Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Leachate using Natural Adsorbent Delonix Regia (DRAC)
Published in I.J.S.T.E , INDIA
Volume: 6.0
Issue: 8.0
Pages: 1.0 - 14.0
In the present work, the adsorption of nickel ions from leachate sample by activated carbon prepared from seeds of DelonixRegia was studied. The activated carbon prepared by pretreatment with KOH was subjected to SEM, XRD and FTIR analysis. Theinfluences of different experimental parameters on nickel uptake were investigated such as sorption time, final solution pH,adsorbent dosage and temperature. The experimental data were correlated to different kinetic and adsorption models andthe corresponding kinetic parameters were determined. The % removal was found to be 75.03% and follows pseudofirstorder kinetic model for Ni. These parameters are considered fundamental for further studies involving the scale-up of theprocess for continuous studies
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JournalInternational Journal of Science Technology & Engineering
PublisherI.J.S.T.E , INDIA
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