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Reverse Engineering of Miniaturized Product: Syringe Needle

, Patil Archana S.
Published in
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 14 - 18

Reverse engineering (RE) technology enables us to create CAD models of new or existing products by capturing surface data. This study presents a new method of using computerized tomography images combined with the reverse engineering technique. RE encompasses any activity that is done to determine how a product works, to learn the ideas and technology that were used in developing that product. RE can be done at many levels. A goal of a reverse engineering system is to realize an intelligent 3D scanner. In addition, it can also be applied into some recent emerging applications such as custom-made manufacture, design simulation, medical application, animation, sculpture, etc. Scanning data points, point filtering and fairing, curve filtering and fairing, surface generating, and solid modeling. This case study represents reverse engineering of needle to confirming the capacity of scanner that for how much minute product is scanned using the scanner. What accuracy is given by the scanner? In this paper for scanning the needle the whitelight scanner is used. This scanner is used because of high accuracy and fully automated.

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JournalAsian Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation
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