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Review of Cyclone Separator in Trim Handling System in Paper Industry
Shantanu Kashikar,
Published in IJREAM
Volume: Vol 4
Issue: Special Issue
Pages: 377.0 - 380.0
During the finishing operation in paper industry, waste paper is engendered as the result of the trimming operation. This trimmed paper is called broke or trim and needs to be recycled. For the recycling of trim, there is a need of trim handling system and cyclone separator is of paramount importance in trim handling process. In this paper cyclone separators are reviewed and how this technology helps in efficient handling of trim. Industrial Review of cyclone from BILT, Ballarpur (largest pulp and paper manufacturer in India) is also added. This paper aims at reviewing the design and analysis of cyclone and its application in paper trim handling process.
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JournalInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM)
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