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Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Plate Fin Type Heat Exchanger by Different Shapes of Fins
RS Kalase, SS Uttarwar, SD Kathwate,
Published in INPRESSCO
Volume: 7
Issue: Special issue-7
Pages: 22.0 - 27.0
Heat transfer enhancement techniques as passive, active or a combination of passive and active methods arecommonly used in areas such as process industries, heating and cooling in evaporators, thermal power plants, airconditioning equipment, refrigerators, radiators for space vehicles, automobiles (in tracked vehicle it plays veryimportant roll), etc. Passive techniques, where inserts, extended surfaces like fins of various shapes and sizes are usedin the flow passage to enhance the heat transfer rate, are benefited compared with active techniques, because theinsert manufacturing process is easier and it can be easily applied in an existing heat exchanger. In design ofcompact heat exchangers, passive techniques can play an important role if a proper passiveconfiguration/combinations can be selected according to the heat exchanger working condition (both flow and heattransfer conditions). Ribs, fins, dimples, Vortices etc., are the most commonly passive heat transfer enhancementdevices. In this paper, major emphasis is given to work with different shapes of fins, and their arrangement because,these are found effective heat transfer enhancement tools.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
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