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Review on overload torque limiter with electromechanical clutch for timer belt spindle drive
Published in IJRAME
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 5.0 - 9.0
Positive clutches used to transmit power between coincident shafts. The positive Engagement between clutch element ensure 100% torque transmission but occasionally the output shaft may be subjected to sudden overload which May make driving motor or engine to stall, which will lead to burn out electric Motor. In extreme cases this overload will lead to breakage of drive elements or clutch itself. In order to avoid this damage, it is needed that the input and output shafts be disconnected in case of sudden overload. Torque limiter is overload safety devices which provide the reliable overload protection. Torque limiter is tamper proof. Generally whenever overload occurs in any shaft drive mechanism there is failure of following components possible-1)Shaft / Coupling / Belt Drive 2) Machine shaft 3) Motor (Burning of electrical motor) Due to OverloadingIn any case this damage leads to Replacements of machine parts and Ultimately Replacement cost increases. To overcome all this problem available in machine element, Torque limiter will help us to avoid this damage.
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