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Review on Thermoelectric Refrigeration: Materials and Technology
M Gaikwad, , A Kadam, B Shubham
Published in
Volume: 4
Issue: 4
Pages: 67 - 71
Refrigerator and air conditioners are the most energy consuming home appliances and for this reason many researchers had performed work to enhance performance of the refrigeration systems. Most of the research work done so far deals with an objective of low energy consumption and refrigeration effect enhancement. Thermoelectric refrigeration is one of the techniques used for producing refrigeration effect. Thermoelectric devices are developed based on Peltier and Seebeck effect which has experienced a major advances and developments in recent years. The coefficient of performance of the thermoelectric refrigeration is less when it is used alone, hence thermoelectric refrigeration is often used with other methods of refrigeration. This paper presents a review of some work been done on the thermoelectric refrigeration over the years. Some of the research and development work carried out by different researchers on TER system has been thoroughly reviewed in this paper. The study envelopes the various applications of TER system and development of devices. This paper summarizes the advancement in thermoelectric refrigeration, thermoelectric materials, design methodologies, application in domestic appliances and performance enhancement techniques based on the literature. Keywords-
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