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Review paper on Electromagnetic Railgun
Kuber Lohakare, , Swapnil Mahajan
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 5.0
Issue: Special Issue
In this paper, study has been done on the model of the electromagnetic railgun and its working. It is an effort to study and put forth the idea of Lorentz force and its applications in a defense weapon. The railgun can be traced down to a simple model of a wire loop carrying current and its behaviour in an external magnetic field. However, implementing this concept on a practical scale has its own challenges and requirements; which are discussed in this article. The use of an electrically accelerated projectile as a means of destruction is a relatively new concept; and is yet to find its own light; however it has been demonstrated how effective it can prove to be.
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JournalInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM)
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