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Rig for Testing Thermal Insulating Materials
Aditya Parameshwaran, Manish Taxak,
Published in IJERT
Volume: 7.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 400.0 - 403.0

The project involved design of a Test Rig for testing of the properties of thermal insulating materials to be used in automobiles that comply with the upcoming EURO-VI pollution control norms. The project was company funded and sponsored by L&L Products India who provided the project team with the necessary technical inputs and funding. This test rig can be effectively used by the company for testing of the insulating capabilities of a wide variety of advanced materials. The test rig has been designed and manufactured in accordance to the requirements given to the project team by L&L Products India Pvt. Ltd. The project team designed the test rig using concepts of mass and heat transfer with advanced thermodynamics for the theory-based calculations. The basic design layout and subsequent thermal analysis was done on SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS respectively. ANSYS was also used to carry out computational fluid dynamics analysis of the flow of hot air through the test rig. Assembly design was then achieved with workable sub-assemblies of the components. These subassemblies, which were designed and constructed by the project were individually tested before the rig was finally assembled and tested as an entire system at L&L Products India Pvt. Ltd.

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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Research and Technology
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