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Road conditions and obstacles indication and autonomous braking system
Sanket Bhandari, Aditya Mhaske, Sai Bhandari, Ahbaz Memon,
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Pages: 119 - 124
Road conditions and obstacles indication system is a system that can be added to a vehicle to indicate possible events that can cause sudden deceleration on the road to avoid rear-end collisions and for improving road safety while driving. Normally every vehicle is equipped with a tail light to indicate the brakes, but this indication is dependent on the application of brakes. Due to this, they are not helpful in various cases that contain sudden deceleration. Most of the rear-end collisions occur when the driver of the vehicle is Unable to predict the behavior of the speeding of the preceding vehicle. The tail light is a manual option for this problem, but Road conditions and Obstacle Indication System provides an automatic option. This system contains simple architecture that includes the camera sensors, processing unit and an indicating device. To prevent rear-end collisions, the indication system helps the following driver to make judgments based on Road conditions and the type of obstacle along with its intensity in front of the preceding driver. This system can use to increase the safety of road traffic by using more relevant signals for indications of obstacles. According to the invention, the indicator comprises an indication of obstacles like potholes, road bumps and objects appearing in front of the vehicle including its intensity, here intensity is considered as distance between obstacle and vehicle. A significant purpose of the Road conditions and Obstacles Indication System (RCOIS) is to indicate that the preceding driver may slow down or stop the vehicle.
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JournalProceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems, ICISS 2020