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Scheduling data aggregation trees to extend network lifetime in sensor networks
, Manisha Nene J.
Published in
Volume: 33
Issue: 12
Pages: 51 - 64
Increasing network lifetime (NL) is an important requirement in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). One of the techniques to extend NL is to use Data Aggregation Trees (DATs). DATs improve NL by combining the energy efficiency benefits of both Data Aggregation (DA) and tree-based routing. While centralized and distributed strategies for DAT construction are widely used, we propose a combined approach for DAT construction to improve NL. The approach reduces the communication overhead and relaxes the requirement of complete network information at the sink. In the proposed work, this collaborative approach is termed as Extended Local View (ELV) approach. Two ELV-based DAT construction algorithms termed as ELV with Fixed sink (ELVF) and ELV with Random sink (ELVR) are proposed. Both ELVF and ELVR use heuristics-based technique of Local Path Reestablishment (LPR) and greedy-based technique of Extended Path Reestablishment (EPR). Using these techniques a sequence of DATs are scheduled that collectively improve NL and also reduce the associated DAT reconstruction overhead. Performance of ELVF and ELVR is evaluated with rigorous experiments and the simulation results show that the proposed algorithms have improved NL and are scalable across different DA ratio values. DAT schedule analysis further demonstrates reduced DAT reconstruction overhead of the proposed algorithms which illustrates its suitability for hostile and critical environments.
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JournalInternational Journal of Communication Systems