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Semi-Active Suspension system with MR Damper for car seat vibration-A Review
Shaunak P Mhatre, Swapnil Hatwalane, Sandeep Thorat,
Published in INPRESSCO
Volume: NA
Issue: 4.0
Pages: 391.0 - 394.0
The paper throws light on advancement done in order to increase ride comfort of driver in an automobile.These road vibrations are measured in form of pulses and according to it relations are plotted against damping force required for stability of passenger seat.. This work investigates propagation of shock pulses from road conditions by presentic different mathematical models of quarter car semi active suspension system. A 2DOF system is first studied, which was then modified to three degrees of freedom with fuzzy control of quarter car system and afterwards 2 additional degrees of freedom were added to a quarter car model. A skyhook system was then introduced which used with two different sensors to measure two different masses. Finally a critical comparative study was conducted at end of each model to compare performance characteristics of passive (classical type) damping system and semi active suspension system with MR damper employed to quarter car system.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
Open AccessYes