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Simulated performance comparison of HFC-32 in finned tube and parallel flow condenser
Published in IJRAR
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 3.0
Pages: 439.0 - 444.0
HFC-32 is being considered as one of the replacement option for HCFC-22 in room air conditioners. HFC-32 is non ODS and its GWP is 675. HFC-32 is moderately flammable and is classified under A2L under latest ASHRAE 34 standard. The volumetric capacity of HFC-32 is about 60% higher compared to HCFC-22. This demands smaller size compressor for HFC-32 for equivalent capacity of HCFC-22. HFC-32 operating pressures (condensing and evaporating) are higher in the range of 60% to 80% than HCFC-22. HFC-32 gives lower pressure drop in heat exchangers than both HCFC-22 and R410A. The pressure drop for HFC-32 in evaporator is about 8% lower than R-410A, and 36% lower than HCFC-22. In condenser, pressure drop are much lower than pressure drop in evaporator. The discharge temperature of HFC-32 is higher than HCFC-22. In this paper, the simulated performance of split air conditioners (SAC) using HFC-32 with nominal cooling capacity of 5.2 kW is compared with finned tube condenser (FTC) and parallel flow condenser (PFC). The simulation has been carried out for SAC using test conditions prescribed in Indian Standards IS 1391 (1992) Part I. PFC gives about 4% and 6.3% higher cooling capacity and EER respectively than that of FTC. PFC gave 9 oC lower discharge temperature compared to FTC. HFC-32 charge inside the SAC is about 17.3% lower compared to FTC.
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JournalInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews
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