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Simulation of HVDC system connected to AC buses in close proximity
V.S. Jape, , P.R. Khatri
Published in
Pages: 2137 - 2141
This paper highlights the Simulation of Multiple-Infeed Converter (MIC) System with the help of "Matlab / Simulink"As AC/DC systems become further integrated as multiple in feed converter (MIC) system can be expected to become more common. In this a) different categories of MIC systems are defined , b) the impact of AC system strength & c) Dynamic interaction between HVDC system connected to AC Buses in close proximity and performance of such systems are highlighted. Simulation results with the help of "Matlab/ Simulink" are presented which provides some insight into dynamic behaviour of 1 category of such systems.
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JournalProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology