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Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of drotaverine and etoricoxib in combined tablet dosage form by ratio derivative and absorption corrected method and its application to dissolution study
Pratima Syal K., Madhusmita Sahoo, Dipali Mehendre M., Snehal Ingale S., ,
Published in
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Pages: 298 - 301
Two simple, rapid, accurate and economical spectrophotometric methods are described for the determination of Drotaverine (DRT) and Etoricoxib (ETR) in combined dosage form. The first method (Method A) is based on Ratio Spectra Derivative was measurement of amplitude of first order derivative of ratio spectra where DRT and ETR were determined at $\lambda$ max 268.19 nm and 338.91 nm, respectively and methanol was used as solvent. For Absorption Corrected method (Method B) in which DRT and ETR exhibit $\lambda$ max at 360.90 nm and 249.10 nm, respectively and 0.1 N HCL was used as solvent. Both the drugs obey Beer's law in the concentration ranges of 8-40 $\mu$g mL -1 for DRT and 9-45 $\mu$g mL -1 for ETR. The results of analysis have been validated statistically and recovery studies confirmed the accuracy and reproducibility of the proposed method which were carried out by following ICH guidelines. The absorption corrected method was successfully applied for dissolution studies. {\textcopyright} RJPT All right reserved.
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JournalResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
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