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Single Lap Adhesive Joint (SLAJ): A Study
Sameer Shaikh, , Pravin Kanase, Ajinkya Patil, Suraj Tarate
Published in INPRESSCO
Adhesive bonding is widely used for sheet metal joining in automotive, marine, airplane, Space industries. Single lap joints are considered as a good category joint for sheet metals. The purpose of study was to find proper method of design, analysis and testing of single lap joint in various material and loading conditions. Here, study on single lap adhesive joint is to be done considering various factors which affect the loading capacity of single lap adhesive joint the structure of bonded parts is very important in order to obtained required strength different bonded areas can have different strength. And the strength of adhesive joint is also depends upon the surface roughness and its holding time. Study involve use of isotropic and orthotropic material as adherend same specimen size. Study gives some basis information about design of joint and FEA with using various analysis softwares to see the nature of changes in the joint. Validation of FE analysis will do using experimental testing of joint on Universal Testing Machine with study of surface roughness. Then possible results occurred due to different loading conditions are given for study. Adhesive joints compares with other fasteners taking its advantages and disadvantages in various applications.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
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