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Smart Glasses to Assist Monocular Vision to Estimate Depth
A. Mhaske, A. Nikam, S. Bhandari,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Smart technology is being used in every possible field to make our life easier. To connect humans with the virtual world, computing devices like Smart Glasses are vital. Smart Glasses are very useful in medical, entertainment, education, and many other fields. We proposed smart glasses to assist a person with a Monocular vision in carrying out his day-to-day activities. Understanding depth is the challenge faced by such a person. To overcome this problem, we designed glasses using the Convolution Neural Network and YOLOv3. Recording videos and AR are one of the most important features of Wearable smart glasses. Our glasses assist in measuring the depth of objects (Distance between camera and objects) using a camera module and providing real-time support. It will be useful while judging the distance between approaching barriers. In congested or crowded areas, these glasses help individuals to collect the surrounding information by measuring the distance between different objects. © 2020 IEEE.