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Smart helmet safety system using Atmega 32
Mangesh Jadhawar, Gauri Kandepalli, Ashlesa Kohade,
Published in
Volume: 5.0
Issue: 5.0
Pages: 287.0 - 289.0
Smart helmet safety system is the idea that has been developed for the social responsibil-ity towards the society. Recently the number of bike riders has increased so there is over-all increase in the number of motor bike acci-dents. The system assists in reducing major number of accidents. It consists of microcon-troller along with IR and PIR sensors for hel-met authentication followed by alcohol detec-tion with the help of MQ3 sensor. As soon as the bike rider try to start the bike it shall rst authenticate if the person is wearing the hel-met through IR and PIR sensors. Secondly, MQ3 sensor detects the presence of alcohol, if detected the bike wont start. It also detects fall detection through accelerometer. The project focuses on bike rider safety and reduction of accidents which are fatal.
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JournalInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology (IJRET)
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