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Smart water dripping system for agriculture/farming
P. Padalalu, S. Mahajan, K. Dabir, S. Mitkar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2017-January
Pages: 659 - 662
Water scarcity has been a big issue for agriculture. This proposed idea is beneficial to the farmers to irrigate the farms efficiently using an automated irrigation system based on soil temperature, moisture and pH. Respective sensors are used to find the soil water content level and based on this microcontroller drives the servo motor and pump. Irrigation status is updated to the database using PC. This technique works by installing sensors in the field to monitor the soil temperature, moisture and type of soil, which transmits the data to the microcontroller for estimation of accurate quantity of water as per the requirements. The collected data is updated from time to time to the server and can be accessed via an Android app. The subsequent watering of plants can be controlled using the aforementioned app. Depending upon the type of soil and crop, the fertilizers are suggested by applying Naïve Bayes algorithm on the database. The estimated amount of rain is predicted using weather forecasting using Web scraper and the crops are watered accordingly, i.e., is a heavy rainfall is predicted then the system will automatically reduce the water supplied to the crops. © 2017 IEEE.