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Some Studies on Forming Parameters & Formability with Taguchi for Punch Plate

, Dr. Nandedkar V. M.
Published in
Pages: 458 - 466

Deep drawing process is complex process involving many parameters. Majority of automobile and appliances components are made by deep drawing sheet metal process. So these growing need demands a new design methodology based on metal forming simulation. With the help of metal forming simulation we can identify the problem areas and solutions can be validated in computers with out any expansive shop floor operations prior to any tool construction. Metal forming simulation is also helpful at the product and tool design stage to decide various parameters. The formability of components depends on uniform strain distribution, which ultimately depends on these parameters and their interaction and interdependence. So, it is necessary to understand the effect of these parameters such as machine parameters, component parameters and process parameters along with material properties on formability of drawn component. The present paper presents study of these parameters and their effect on formability using Taguchi Design of Experiments. The result achieved indicates sensitive parameters, which has prominent effects on formability and needs to be optimized.

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JournalInternational Deep Drawing Research Group Conference organized by Sheet Metal Forming Research Association, India
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