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Stabilization Studies of Epoxidized Soybean Oil Plasticized PVC Films in the Presence of Beta-Diketone Additives
B. Kulkarni M., , Samarth Nikesh, A. Mahanwar P.
Published in Springer
Pages: 97 - 110

Rigid and plasticized PVC is used extensively in a variety of industries like construction, packaging sheet and film, electrical, automotive parts, furniture equipment, clothing, footwear, etc. In recent years, natural biobased materials are being explored for plasticizers for PVC. The present work focuses on the development of different epoxidized soybean oil (ESBO) plasticized PVC formulations in the presence of calcium/zinc stearates and beta-diketone stabilizer such as dibenzoylmethane (DBM). The DBM which has dual property of a UV stabilizer and heat stabilizer was varied from 0 to 10 phr. The PVC films were prepared and analyzed in terms of dehydrochlorination studies. The above PVC films were exposed for 100 h in the accelerated QUV weathering, and the characterization of the exposed products was carried out in terms of mechanical and thermal properties and dehydrochlorination. This ternary system hinders the degradation process and decreases the initial rate of dehydrochlorination. The success of the novel beta-diketones stabilizers can meet higher performance and longer service life of epoxidized soybean oil plasticized PVC films in the presence of zinc/calcium stearates. This will ultimately lead to a positive influence on the environment.

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