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Static structural dependency analysis for parallelization of Java programs
Published in Association for Computing Machinery
Volume: 04-05-March-2016
Parallel computing deals with simultaneous computation of problems to speed up the total time required for serial computation. Many problems involving huge number of computations can be sub divided into smaller ones each performing some computation. However to obtain smaller fragments of computation requires dependency analysis among the sub-parts. Manually analyzing each computation for dependencies is a difficult task for developer. In this paper, we are proposing graph based dependency analysis approach for parallelizing Java programs. A program consists of sequence of statements, dependency analysis is done to check the ordering of statements in a program and also to identify various programming constructs which are dependent on each other. High level language program can be analyzed on the basis of data flow between variables and communication among functions. This study provides a method to parallelize input Java code based on automated generation of dependence graph. Dependence graph depicts the connectivity between the programming constructs i.e variables and functions. When these dependencies are resolved then it is possible to split program into independent modules which can be executed in parallel with each other for achieving high performance. © 2016 ACM.
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