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Stock market prediction using hybrid approach
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 82 - 86
The objective of this paper is to construct a model to predict stock value movement using the opinion mining and clustering method to predict National Stock Exchange (NSE). We have used domain specific approach to predict the stocks from each domain we have taken some stock with maximum capitalization. Proposed Method is Not at all like past methodologies where the general states of mind or sentiments are considered, sentiments of the particular subjects of the organization or sector are fused into the stock prediction model. Topics and related opinion of shareholders are automatically extracted from the writings in a message board by utilizing our proposed strategy alongside isolating clusters of comparable sort of stocks from others using clustering algorithms. Proposed methodology will give us two output set i.e. one from sentiment analysis and another from clustering based prediction with respect to some specialized parameters of stock exchange. By examining both the results an efficient prediction is produced. In this paper stocks with maximum capitalization within all the important sectors are taken into consideration for empirical analysis. © 2016 IEEE.