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Straight and curve lane detection system for car safety using hough transform and sobel operator
, Prajkata Yelwande
Published in World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering (WARSE)
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 1.4
Pages: 90.0 - 96.0
Vehicle safety is the most important strategy used to address the international and national road casualty reduction targets to achieve a safer road traffic system. Traffic accidents are mainly caused by human mistakes such as lack of concentration, misbehavior and distraction. The vision based lane detection system is a valuable way to protect single vehicle from accident. In this paper a lane detection method for detecting the lanes accurately is proposed. Also the canny algorithm is determined as the edge detection algorithm and Hough transform method is selected as the efficient way to detect lanes. To meet the real requirement, the region of interest (ROI) is defined to reduce noise properly for accurate results and to enhance the processing speed.
About the journal
JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering
PublisherWorld Academy of Research in Science and Engineering (WARSE)
Open AccessNo