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Stress Detection Using Smartphone and Wearable Devices: A Review
Tejaswini Panure,
Published in Asian Society for Scientific Research
Volume: volume V
Issue: Issue I
Pages: 1.0 - 5.0
Stress is the mental condition of the human body thatcauses it’s dis-functioning. It affects adversely on body partsresulting in health disorders. Traditional method of stressdetection includes lab tests done by doctor. Besides traditionaltechniques, sensors are used to measure physiological signals,as these signals make it easy to detect stress. Based ontechniques of data collection, this paper is divided into twotypes, one for In-lab experiment, in which participants wearvarious sensors on their body which is invasive for real timeapplication while in second, data was collected from sensorswhich are already available in the handy devices of participantsuch as smartphone, wearable devices etc. Different types ofsensors and their uses are explained in this paper. Automaticreal time stress detection systems can be developed. This paperlists various algorithms used to gain more accuracy in detectingstress. This paper is helpful for the fellow researchers who willbe working on automatic stress detection. Various studies inthis domain have been reviewed and this is a primary effort insummarizing the highlights of the previous research done instress detection domain.
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JournalAsian Journal of Convergence in Technology (AJCT)
PublisherAsian Society for Scientific Research
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