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Study of Acoustic Waves for Fire Extinguishment: A Review
Sumedh Mandar Vaidya, Kaivalya Sunil Patkar, , Jay Uday Panchpor
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 4.0
Issue: Special Issue AMET-2018
Pages: 22.0 - 26.0
The need for innovation and modernization in fire extinguishing techniques is extremely necessary. Accidents caused due to fire are disastrous and can lead to irreversible losses. With the rising amount of dangers to the environment in various aspects, it is essential to avoid as much damage as possible. The existing techniques have been created considering only their efficiency in extinguishing fires and not considering the harms they can cause to the environment. Another area of concern is the disasters caused by fire accidents in space. The use of traditional chemical extinguishers in space is necessary to be avoided as much as possible. Study shows that sound waves could be one of the potential alternatives for extinguishing fires. Research is necessary in the development of a similar practical method of fire extinguishing and analyzing which frequency of sound waves gives optimum results. A possible reason for the flame extinguishment due to sound waves can be that the continuously altering high and low pressure waves when coupled with high air flow velocity cause disruptions in the air-fuel ratio at the flame boundary which leads to diminishing of the boundary.
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