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Study of open-loop response characteristics of processes using MATLAB
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 1 - 14

The Process Dynamics and Control subject is traditionally taught using mathematical equations, Laplace Transform, Z-transform techniques. Usually students do not enjoy learning the subject based on complicated mathematics. It is observed that students understand the basic concepts better if complex mathematical theory is supplemented by using software simulation tools such as MATLAB and SIMULINK. The process control trainers available in the Process Control laboratory have fixed design parameters, which are practically impossible to change during practical class. The effect of change in process parameters can be studied using MATLAB simulations. This resulted in an enhanced interactive learning of the basic concepts of Process Dynamics and Control, rather than learning through complex mathematical equations. In this paper, the dynamic behavior of standard processes is analyzed using MATLAB. This process knowledge is useful for controlling the process response to desired specifications.

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JournalLab Experiments, (ISSN 0972-6055) 41 (12(1))
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