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Survey on energy efficient smart street light system
S.S. Badgelwar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 866 - 869
This paper introduces a smart street light controlling system to boost energy efficiency of the city. Now a days people are so busy that they rarely find the time to switch OFF the light when it has no use. This results in consumption of lot of energy. This paper proposes the system where street light changed to ON state in the evening before sun sets and they are switched off in the morning after sunrise when there is enough light on the street. This leads to reduce of energy consumption. In this system the movement of vehicle and human is detected on highways to switch on a chunk of street light ahead of it and switch off the trailing lights. This is achieved by processing the image of the object and sending control message to the street light block. Additional feature of the system such as using a suitable sensors of the detection of failed street light and then sending the SMS to control authority using GSM mode to take appropriate action regarding failure. © 2017 IEEE.