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Survey on recent cancer classification systems for cancer diagnosis
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2018-January
Pages: 2590 - 2594
In the present epoch of technology medical field has become one of the favorite topics of researcher and cancer is among one of them. It is a topic of concern because actual treatment of this disease is not found till date. Patients having this disease can only be saved if and only if it is found in early stage (stage I and stage II). If it is detected in latter stage (stage III and stage IV) then chance of survival will be very less. Machine learning and data mining technique will help medical field to tackle with this problem. Cancer has various symptoms such as tumor, abnormal bleeding, more weight loss etc. It is not necessary that all kinds of tumors are cancerous. Tumors are basically of two types i.e. benign or malignant. To provide appropriate treatment to the patients, symptoms must be studied properly and an automatic prediction system is required which will classify the tumor into benign or malignant. In today's internet world, bulk of data is generated on social media or healthcare websites. From this huge amount of data, symptoms can be fetched by using data mining technique, which will be further useful for cancer detection or classification. This paper makes survey of such latest research study that makes use of online and offline data for cancer classification. © 2017 IEEE.