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Survey Paper on Ambulance Tracking Systems

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Ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle that transports patients to treatment facilities that have tested to be a lifesaver throughout several emergency cases. One of the issues during transportation of patients is traffic related problems. We studied various approaches available for vehicle tracking systems. After going through various research papers we found these techniques, i.e. GPS based tracking, RFID device, Google API, RESTful API which were proposed earlier and hence we deduce that existing ambulance routing technique is not effective as a result of there is lack of help provided to them during the transparent passage through the traffic congestion. This issue arises due to outdated dedicated GPS systems, no proper communication between police and ambulance and difficulty in providing accurate location of the ambulance. To tackle this issue, we propose a system which will help the traffic police easily track any upcoming ambulance with its priority using a mobile application. This system will help in fast, economical and efficient traffic control providing safe, easy and quick passage to the ambulance.

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JournalInternational Journal of innovative Science and Research Technology
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