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Sustainable construction by using novel frameworks using BIM, LEED, and Lean methods
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Sustainable building projects gained momentum in the last decade, and the trend continues. It is important to explore the factors affecting the sustainable building delivery process for concentrating on these factors and pace up the sustainability approach. Building information modelling (BIM) has developed as the definitive technology for managing construction projects. BIM technology has features like accuracy and precision that helps in improving the quality of construction. Green building construction methods and Lean construction are the methods that help to improve sustainability and reduce waste generated during construction. In this article, the author would like to propose a methodological framework that comprises BIM, Green building methods, and Lean methods. After implementation author is hoping to optimize resource utilization, monitor, and measure the construction progress and construction payment procedures. The author is believing that after the implementation of the framework, a virtual environment is prepared which brings more accountability in resource usage and tracking of project progress. Work also highlights the differentiating aspects of sustainable building projects regarding project phases and makes recommendations about the timing of services, such as value engineering, constructability analysis, technology integration, and construction management. The author considers one case study of a residential building and prepared a 3D model using BIM. Further, the author put lean tools and LEED-based methodology to produce the standard operating procedure for the case study considered. Then, a virtual environment is prepared using the 3D model in BIM, and the methodology is considered. This environment was tested from time to time with the actual execution of the project to claim the validity of the proposed model. © 2023 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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