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Technical Viability Assessment of SFRC Lining Design in India
Published in Central Board of Irrigation and Power
Volume: 66r
Issue: 2
Pages: 12 - 21
The use of steel fiber in the recent past has offered distinct advantages over conventional reinforcement and its acceptance in the design of segmental lining of TBM tunnels has increased manifold. It has emerged as an alternative to traditional reinforcing bars for precast concrete tunnel segments. This paper presents an assessment of the technical viability of steel fiber-reinforced concrete (SFRC) in tunnel segmental linings in the recent past and its current practice in India. The paper discusses the typical information about the SFRC, its advantages, available specific guidelines, general design concept, description of material parameters, tests, and analyses required for the segmental lining design. An analysis of historical information about tunnels built with SFRC shows the typical geometry and reinforcement strategy used in the tunnel design. The paper also presents an assessment of the design approach adopted in one of the ongoing projects in India and discusses the outcome of the results. © 2023, Central Board of Irrigation and Power. All rights reserved.
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JournalWater and Energy International
PublisherCentral Board of Irrigation and Power