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Testing of wind generator models using motor drive
D.S. Chavan, R. Pal, V. Panda, N. Nair, J. Sankpal, , Himanshu, V. Sahil
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 2860 - 2865
This paper gives details of facility to test wind generator in the laboratory. Various types of prime movers may be used in the test set up. These prime mover motors can be DC motor, induction motor, synchronous motor or permanent magnet synchronous motor. The generator may be any kind of generator like DC generator, induction generator, synchronous generator, permanent magnet synchronous generator etc. The speed of the prime mover motor is varied. As the generator is coupled with the motor speed of the generator is also varied. The speed of the generator is varied over a wide range. The impact of the change in the speed of the generator on the output and output voltage flicker is observed. The gear box is also provided. It can be connected in between the generator and the motor. So the speed of the generator is increased. The impact of gear box on the power quality also can be observed. The test is carried on the generator with and without gearbox. The impact of gear box and variation in the speed on the flicker initiated in the wind turbine can be observed. © 2017 IEEE.