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The Upside of Job Hopping Among Medical Representatives in India.

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Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 7 - 9
The nature of pharmaceutical marketing is unique and dynamic. This demands highly skilled sales representatives which are popularly known as Medical representatives. Companies spent considerable amount on training of their representatives. Pharmaceutical market is very competitive and more than 20000 companies operating in Indian Market. In this highly competitive market retaining salespeople has become highly challenging for pharmaceutical industry. The purpose of this study was to identify underlying reasons for quitting jobs among medical representatives. With more than 55 lakh population, more than 4000 doctors and 6000 chemists, Pune is one of the important sales territories for pharma industry in India. Subjects were selected from the city and surveyed. The study concluded that not only inadequate compensation but its late reimbursement also cause medical representatives to quit job. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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JournalCLEAR International Journal of Research in Commerce {&} Management
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