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Turbo product code and AES encryption for wireless communication
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Any communication system will be having an encryption, error correcting block and decryption, decoding block at the transmitter and receiver side respectively. But, combining encryption and encoding, is what is the focus in research now a days. Multimedia wireless applications are very popular, mainly due to high data rates. Majority of encrypted transmission schemes do not consider well the effect of bit errors occurred during transmission and are considered a problem that can be handled by an efficient coding scheme and a proper encryption technique. In this paper turbo product code (TPC) and advanced encryption standard (AES), is combined together for getting better bit error rate (BER). TPC used for encoding is an effective technique with reasonable decoding complexity. Original information is encoded, encrypted and sent over an AWGN channel using BPSK modulation. Promising results are obtained for BER with less complexity. So, a wireless data transmission scheme that combines encryption and encoding technique into one processing step can be used for various applications. {\textcopyright} 2013 IEEE.
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Journal2013 Nirma University International Conference on Engineering, NUiCONE 2013