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Typical Challenges Faced in Slum Transformation Construction Project
Tejal S. Solanki,
Published in IJSTR Research Publications
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 8.0
Pages: 1586.0 - 1589.0
Nowadays, timely completion of the project has become a crucial part in the construction industry. The responsibility of cities is to mobilize in order to improve housing circumstances in slums as a medium of meeting fundamental human needs. Slum areas are highly populated regions created without adequate planning and lacking the key elements of day to day life. The slum rehabilitation is a critical project for any contractor or owner. Generally, consistent delays in the project show up in the preplanning and initial stages of the construction projects, for example, getting the general plans, getting the license, permissions, various legal clearances and so on. The complete construction stage is the shaping phase of any project where numerous unforeseeable events could occur. Lack in determination of the delay factors in the slum transformation project would contribute to the project delays, schedule overrun and capital overruns. This study aims to recognize the possible challenges faced in the construction of a slum rehabilitation project. This study classifies delay factors of the project in different stages i.e., pre-planning and construction stage and proposing a better type of approach to overcome delay related challenges in slum rehabilitation construction project.
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JournalInternational Journal of Scientific and Technology Research (IJSTR)
PublisherIJSTR Research Publications
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