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Uniaxial tensile properties for bamboo and jute fabric reinforced natural rubber
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Synthetic fibers were used as reinforcements for a long period of time due to their excellent properties and compatibility with natural rubbers. Tensile properties and manufacturability of natural fabrics- Jute and Bamboo are studied. Layer by layer type of composite was manufactured by compression moulding and the crosslinking of matrix and reinforcement was done by using chemlok 250 as adhesive. Properties obtained from the tests are given in this paper. Production was carried out in two stages, 1st stage was by using adhesive and the results were compared and based on these results 2nd stage of manufacturing was carried out without using adhesive and specimens of ASTM D412 standard die type A was obtained by water jet cutting. Tensile test was carried out on the basis of ASTM D412 standard. Results show that the strength of bamboo fabric as reinforcement increases the strength of material and can be used in many applications. Short fibers are always used as reinforcement in polymers for increasing their mechanical properties; one can also use the fabrics as reinforcement in different fields to increase the mechanical properties of the composites. © 2022 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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