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Use of bamboo for constructing ecofriendly wind turbine
D.S. Chavan, Y. Singh, Sudha, , J. Sankpal, Himanshu, Indu, Swati
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 3116 - 3121
In this invention the wind turbine is made from bamboo. Various types of bamboos are available. Hollow bamboo cut along the length may be used to form wind turbine blade. The gap between the two bamboos may be filled with some filler material. This prevents the air to pass between the two bamboos. The bamboo may be fixed with each other by using nails. Natural fibers may also be used as a binding material for bamboos. Suitable glue may also be used. The blades are cut in required shape. Wind turbine blades of horizontal axis as well as vertical axis may be made from the bamboos. © 2017 IEEE.