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Use of bicycle and gear box for testing of wind generator model
D.S. Chavan, Y. Singh, N. Nair, , J. Sankpal, V. Sahil, V. Panda, R. Pal
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 2844 - 2849
In this paper, details of testing wind turbine in a laboratory are given. For testing the wind generator in a laboratory, bicycle along with the gearbox is used. The bicycle is used as a prime mover. There is no need of wind flow to test the wind turbine. The need of motor as a prime mover is also eliminated in this method. With help of gear box, required speed of the generator may be obtained. There is no need to wait for sufficient wind speed to rotate the generator. The need of electricity to test the generator is eliminated. Various generators may be tested using this method. The mechanisms are very simple. Less skilled workers may work on the test set up to test the wind turbines. © 2017 IEEE.