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Visual Media based CCTV Victim Tracker

Published in International Journal of Computer Applications
Volume: 184(17)
Issue: June 22
Pages: 36 - 40

Face recognition system has become an integral a part of our modern-day to life. Varied applications of face recognition system. Digital image process could be an evolving field with growing applications in science and engineering. Image process holds the chance of developing the final word machine that might perform the visual perform all living beings It is employed in video surveillance, human pc interface and image management. Image or Video process has become a serious demand in current world. this method is majorly accustomed sight, acknowledge and track varied objects. Face sighting and following is that the section wherever we tend to detect someone's face from a image or in video sequence and track him/her throughout the video. It plays very important role in video corrections, police work, military following thus on.

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JournalIJCA-International Journal of Computer Applications
PublisherInternational Journal of Computer Applications
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