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Waste Plastic Pyrolysis: An efficient way of Plastic recycling
, Siddhant Kale, Debabrata Ghosh
Published in GIS Science Publication
Volume: 7.0
Issue: 5.0
Nowadays, There is a need to think about the major causes of pollution, one of which is crude oil, the plastic is used worldwide today. Plastic is found everywhere. Creation of plastics was a boon for low cost substitution to metal, being cheap is now causing environment problem. Plastic and polymer-carbon chains have long life and could be classified according to the uses. This has lead us to a point where waste plastics in the tons are causing various environmental hazards, not to mention the shame it bring to one’s mind when he sees his own country littered with it. It is still on the places of landfills and oceans, which has become major concern of the world. There is a need to think of this issue as it’s leading to impact environment seriously. There is ever increasing global demand for energy in recent years. A pyrolysis process provides an alternative energy source which reduces pollution and recycles waste plastics. In this study, pyrolysis of waste plastic is solution for the issue in the current world, disposal of waste plastic will also be minimized if applying pyrolysis process in different cites & make the environment clean. This paper deals with extracting pyrolysis oil/pyro fuel from waste plastic that is found in everyday life & by recycling to make out pyrolysis fuel & reduce carbon emission. This project leads to a meaningful contribution to Swatch Baharat Abhiyan & Paris climate deal.
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