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Web service recommendation based on user's demographic attributes

Published in CRC Press
Pages: 818 - 827

Web services are a simple but effective method of connecting to network resources. To offer end-users data from their virtualized resources, all modern organizations provide web service interfaces. With the increased usage of multi-channel communication modes (mobile phones, tablets, and laptops), web services are excellent for guaranteeing seamless data flow across all platforms. While Web services address many difficulties, there are a few issues that consumers or requesters have when they locate a web service that satisfies their requirements. With the increased use of online services, there is a greater demand for an effective and almost flawless web service recommendation system. Cold start, sparsity, and overspecialization are some of the problems with recommender systems. To address this issue, in this paper, collaboration filtering and demographic filtering based on models are proposed as a new approach. Using this technique, recommendations can be generated based on the demographic characteristics of users, such as age, gender, occupation, etc. We propose using web services based on the results of both tests. This paper attempts to propose a solution to the cold start problem by using a hybrid filtering method.

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JournalRecent Advances in Material, Manufacturing, and Machine Learning
PublisherCRC Press
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